Useful Products

We stock a range of products to help keep you healthy and well on your travels, here are details of our most popular products:

  • Insect repellents – Deet 50% is the gold standard of insect repellents, those mossies may still land on you, but they won’t bite – apply to all exposed areas
  • Clothing spray – in malarious areas, apply this permethrin spray to your clothes, it is a contact insecticide, so no more bites through the clothing
  • Mosquito nets – versatile nets, pre-impregnated with permethrin
  • Needle kits – essential when travelling in remote areas, or in those countries where medical facilities may be poor – you don’t want second hand needles or syringes to be used on you if you are ill or have an accident
  • Diarrhoea treatment kit – contains two medicines plus rehydration sachets, because nobody wants to spend three days in the loo…
  • Aquapure water filter – the only water treatment in the UK approved by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – provides up to 350 litres of pure water. Also saves you money compared to buying water, and minimises your environmental impact
  • Hand sanitisers – alcohol sanitisers only kill bacteria, they don’t work on viruses – our foam hand sanitiser works on both…
  • Travel towels – fantastic microfibre towels, take up very little space or weight and dry rapidly – also popular with sportsmen and gym users
  • Head torches – a must for those night-time trips to the loo, keeps both hands free, essential for back-packers
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