Flu vaccination programmes

Flu is highly infectious, particularly in an office or workplace environment. Vaccination is low-cost, reliable and safe, usually with no side-effects. Feedback shows that employees value this as a benefit and we are able to organise this for your company.

On-site flu vaccination service

Influenza, or flu, is one of the major causes of illness and absenteeism among working adults, According to the CHIC (Consumer Health Information Centre, London – 2001) over 150 million days are lost each year due to flu-related illness.

The flu vaccine is a preventive measure to help avoid catching flu. The immunisation provides protection against the flu virus for the whole flu season – the vaccination lasts for one year and vaccination programmes are usually undertaken between early October and late November.

Immunisation against influenza is effective and safe. The World Health Organisation recommends the vaccine strains by predicting those viruses most likely to cause outbreaks in any given year. The flu vaccine prevents up to 90 percent of cases helping to ensure your employees are working to the best of their ability through the winter. By offering employees influenza vaccinations, organisations recognise a low cost and valued employee benefit that also makes sound commercial sense.

The Globe Travel Health Centre can offer this service at a very competitive rate. We can arrange for a specially trained nurse to travel to your company and deliver the flu vaccinations to your staff. The nurse will provide all the vaccines, medical equipment and emergency kits. All that we ask of you is to have a room set aside for this that has a wash basin, a telephone (in case of emergency) and somewhere for patients to lie down if required. We would also appreciate having one member of your staff available to us for the duration of the session.

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