Price List

When visiting our clinics, customers pay a consultation fee of £15 on the first visit related to the specific destination or combination of destinations, and then for each vaccine dosage received. In some cases, the number of required dosages may be less than specified in the table below. For example, where a shorter duration of immunity is permissible. Please contact us to find out more information.

Please note – where we only provide a travel vaccine consultation, without administering any vaccines, there is a charge of £25.

Click on any of the vaccination names below to learn more. Here you can find details such as vaccine prices, typical quantities, any side effects and duration of immunity plus more. Then proceed to our live instant online booking to choose a convenient clinic and time slot for your appointment.

The prices have been adjusted May 12th  2019

Vaccination Price Quantity Protection
Chickenpox (Varilix) (phone to book) £99 per dose 2 doses Life
Cholera £40 per dose 2 doses 2 years
Combined Hepatitis A & B Vaccination £80 per dose 3 doses Hepatitis A: 25 years Hepatitis B: life
Combined Hepatitis A & Typhoid £110 per dose 1 dose Typhoid: 3 yearsHepatitis A: 10 years
Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio £50 per dose 1 dose 10 years
Hepatitis A £82 per dose 2 doses 25 years
Hepatitis B £62 per dose 3 doses Life cover after a full 3 dose course
Influenza £10 per dose 1 dose 1 year
Japanese Encephalitis £105 per dose 2 doses 1 year
Malaria Tablets
Mantoux test for Tuberculosis (to book please phone) £87
Meningitis ACWY £90 per dose 1 dose 5 years
Meningitis B (Out of stock) email us to go on waiting list £155 per dose 2-4 doses Life
MMR £55 per dose 2 Life
Pneumococcus £42 per dose 1 dose 6 years
Rabies £87 per dose 3 doses 10 years
Rabies Intradermal £62 per dose 3 doses 10 years
Shingles £190 per dose 1 dose Life
Tick Borne Encephalitis £70 per dose 3 doses 3 years
Tuberculosis (BCG) national shortage! Phone us to go on waiting list £70 per dose 1 dose 25 years – life
Typhoid £56 per dose 1 dose 3 years
Yellow Fever £85 per dose 1 dose Life